"Strengthen Innovation and Collaboration Amidst Disruption and Advances in AI Technology"

JUNE 24, 2024



As part of product and service innovation, every year SELULAR holds the Selular Award. This event was first held by SELULAR (at that time it was still a magazine) in 2003.

Since its inception, the Selular Award has been welcomed by industry circles, because it can be used as a performance parameter and achievement, as well as encouraging healthy competition. This event also aims to showcase the best products, applications, services and telecommunications technology.

Just like Selular Magazine which is the first telecommunications media in Indonesia, the Selular Award is also the first awards event in the telecommunications industry.

Regular implementation without interruption since 2003, makes the Selular Award worthy of the title "The First and The Most Consistent". By maintaining consistency and independence, it is not surprising that this event is always eagerly awaited by industry circles.

Encouraging Brand Reputation & Consumer Loyalty

The Selular Award is a form of SELULAR's appreciation for the ICT industry, especially telecommunications operators, network vendors, handset vendors, technology companies and other companies for their contribution to society with their best services.

Awards are also given to figures and executives who have achievements and contributions to the cellular industry.

Through the Selular Award, the public and business world can assess brands and companies that have outstanding achievements.

Those who were able to win the award were considered to have been able to overcome challenges, as well as showing significant achievements amidst intense competition.

This success can boost brand reputation, grow consumer loyalty, as well as increase sales.

Mirror of the Ups and Downs of Business People

The Selular Award event has been a permanent calendar for the Indonesian telco and digital industry since 2003. Like Selular Magazine (now changed format to Selular.ID), the Selular Award summarizes the progress and journey of business people in the country's cellular industry. Starting from the 2G, 3G, 4G era, until now we are starting to enter the 5G era.

Spanning almost two decades, since the transition era from fixed telephones to mobile phones, analog and digital, prepaid and postpaid, to the era of social media which places content and applications as popular public services.

Because it has become part of the evolution of the telecommunications industry, the Selular Award itself is a reflection of the ups and downs of business people in navigating the tough competition, which is triggered by technological advances, massive media/social media publications, and changes in regulations.

The Meaning Behind the Selular Award Trophy

Entering the digital era, the Selular Award presents a number of changes. Among them is the form of a trophy or goblet.

If previously it had a shape similar to the Oscar Cup, since the Selular Award was held in 2019, its shape has changed to three hexagonal cells stacked on top of each other.

The shape of this trophy represents the cellular industry which has transformed, from previously basic services, such as SMS and voice, to developing into data services and applications due to the presence of fast internet.

This condition gives rise to a new ecosystem, which we know as DNA or devices, networks and applications. It can be concluded that the three hexagonal cells on the Selular Award trophy symbolize the interconnectedness of the three DNA elements.

The progress and decline of the ICT industry in the country is reflected in the development of these three pillars. So close cooperation is needed from each element for mutual progress.

Don't forget the government's role as a key driver with regulations that support industrial development.

Award Categories and Winner Assessment

With the growth of the DNA-based digital ecosystem, various award categories for the 2024 Selular Award have been prepared. Such as devices, operators, applications, digital services and network technology.

Don't forget the special award category for professionals who have outstanding achievements. Such as CEO of the Year, Excellence in Performance, Excellence in Media and Life Time Achievement.

Since 2023, there will be an award in the Best Social Media Campaign category. This category is given to industry players who make massive use of social media in their product campaigns.

In determining the award winner, it is carried out based on polls, data collection from Selular Data Insight, and also decisions from the Selular editorial board.